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We have changed the lights all over the factory (indoor and outdoor ) we have used about 1200 tubes 18 watt , 150 pcs highbay 150 watt and 50 pcs flood light 150 watt ..
We have saved over 80% of hikma pharma energy ..

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We have imported many kinds of lights to Toshiba factories (quesna &banha ) areas ..
We have used over 350 pcs of highbay 100,150 watt and 150 pcs of flood light 100,120,150 watt and 200 pcs of street light 100,120 watt ..
We have saved over 80% of Toshiba energy ..

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We have imported over 400 pcs of tri-proof light 60watt to lighten the new factory and 20pcs  flood light 120 watt  to lighten the outdoor area ..
We have saved over 80% of blueskies energy ..